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Miami Brake Repair

Auto Repair and Brake Service in Miami, Florida

For brake service and full service auto repair in Miami, A S Automotive is the premier choice. Drivers from Sunset and Country Walk, Florida visit us for superior service and our ASE certified technicians. One of our areas of expertise is auto brake repair, and we offer many different options to make your experience as welcoming as possible.

To schedule an evaluation at our repair shop, call us at (786) 232-3725.

What’s wrong with my brakes?

Is your brake warning light glaring at you from your dash? That can indicate worn brake pads or a leak in the brake system.

A scraping noise when stopping can indicate metal-to-metal contact from worn out brake shoes or pads. This means that your vehicle is very overdue on brake repair.

Squealing or high-pitched loud brakes when stopping can usually be attributed to older pads. Ceramic pads and brake grease can avoid this noise.

What can you do to help?

For starters, our team will always be upfront with you on cost and necessity. We understand that new brakes are often cost intensive, but we’ll work with you to lower that price. A S Automotive can even install brakes and brake parts purchased outside of our shop. We’ll offer you a warranty on any work completed from our shop, including replacement brakes.

If you suspect that you have bad brakes, bring your vehicle to A S Automotive in Miami. With a comprehensive auto and brake shop, ASE certified mechanics, and affordable prices, you can’t go wrong. Call us at (786) 232-3725 for more information on our services for car brakes.

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