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Collision Repair and Dent Removal in Miami, Florida

A S Automotive is an experienced auto body shop in Miami, Florida. Our team has helped many personal and commercial vehicles get back on the road after an accident. Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and has some of the hottest destinations in Florida. While traveling Miami there are plenty of distractions around to cause an accident. Not only are there physical distractions, we also have many elemental forces at work.

Should you find yourself suffering from an accident from any circumstance you can count on us. For more information call us today at - (786) 232-3725

Our shop offers superior collision repair and restoration services. Whether you have been side swiped, rear ended, or bumped into someone our team can help remove all of your dents. Should you need a new door panel or bumper we can get you the best price.

Not only will we work with you in this potential time of crisis, we will also work with your insurance to make sure everything is handled to the best of our ability.

Offering more than just collision repair we also offer auto paint repair services. While we are not equipped to handle custom jobs we do provide some of the best color matching and paint restoration services in Miami. This is particularly helpful if your vehicle has been keyed, hit by a shopping cart, or nicked from anything else.

We know that life happens and sometimes that means a little damage is going to happen to your car. Let us make fixing it a pleasant and affordable experience.

Working on a car restoration project? A S Automotive offers some of the best classic car restoration services in the greater Miami, Three Lakes, and Country Walk areas. For more information on our auto body or vehicle restoration services call - (786) 232-3725

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